A fruit that’s half-fig half-pear

9 March, 2014 ,

Did you know that the fruit known as “cactus fig” or prickly pear tastes neither like a fig nor a pear, but more like a cross between a watermelon and lemon? Native to Central America, this oval fruit that varies in colour (yellow, red, white), grows on the Opuntia cactus. As it is very rich in vitamin C and magnesium, it deserves to be put on the menu.

SOSCuisine/FigueYou should pick fruits that are dark (the colour is not important) and free from spongy or mouldy spots. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves while peeling them, to avoid getting pricked by the numerous tiny spines on the fruit.

After having removed the two ends, cut in half lengthwise and eat with a spoon. The skin should be discarded, but the seeds are edible and pleasantly crunchy.

The prickly pear is also good in compotes, jams, sorbets, smoothies and fruit salads.


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