Inspired testimonials for our Diabetes Menus

13 November, 2013 ,

November is Diabetes Awareness Month.
Be inspired by these testimonials:


I greatly appreciate all the time saved since I don’t have to do the research. One of the things I appreciate the most is the serving choice. We are only 2 in this family. I am proceeding slowly in trying the new recipes but so far, I make the 2 portions, decide if it is a keeper, then will re-check the recipe to make bigger portions so I can have pre-prepared meals. It was well worth the money. It will without a doubt lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Claudette D., Chelmsford, ON


I love this approach and have recommended it to my doctor because the guesswork is taken out of the equation and the food is tasty too!
My wife and I are cooking together for the first time in our 40 years together. It is a great benefit.

Glen B., Anola, MB



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