The joys of eating out…without spending a fortune

21 October, 2014 , ,

Do you enjoy the pleasures of good food and eating out? Such happy occasions do however have a not-so-happy drawback: the bill.

To get a taste of Montreal’s culinary delights, MTL à TABLE, which shall take place from October 30 to November 9, 2014, offers affordable feasts at some of Montreal’s best restaurants.

This is a golden opportunity to discover new places and new pleasures for your taste buds. The tables d’hôtes (set menus) are priced between $19 and $39.

eating out


Or perhaps you may be tempted by a culinary guided tour around Montreal, strategically designed along the lines of a 5 à 7 or happy hour. What better way to pursue your culinary adventure and still stay in shape!

For a list of all the participating restaurants, please consult MTL à TABLE.

For a culinary tour, click here.

Slip on your sneakers and let the good times roll!

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