Nurturing your growing child

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Blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure are the last items on the priority list of a child or adolescent.

However, eating habits that dictate if their heart is in good shape or if it will become weak later are determined from a very young age.

Give them fruits and vegetables


If left to their own devices, kids would probably only eat bread and sweets. This is normal, since tastes develop with time and experience. Sometimes a new food item may have to be shown to a child numerous times before she finally takes even a single bite of it.

To help them develop a taste for veggies, serve them a small amount on their plate at every meal. Ask them to keep it in this spot even if they choose not to eat it. Also serve vegetables with foods they love, like for example, broccoli in a mac and cheese or lettuce and cucumbers in a chicken sandwich. Finally, set a good example by eating vegetables yourself.

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Joëlle Emond

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