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TOP 7: Our Best Mexican Recipes

Jeanne Dumouchel May 1, 2018 , , ,

Mexican cuisine is loved by everyone, young and old. Its colors and flavors give a festive ambiance to any meal. Get inspired for your next fiesta with these 7 simple, spicy and succulent recipes!



TOP 5: Snacks for Athletes

Kathryn Adel April 26, 2018 , , ,

When playing sports or exercising, it is important to eat snacks in order to have enough energy to perform, recover better afterwards, promote an optimal absorption of proteins and to avoid being too hungry at meals. Here is our Top 5 Snacks for Athletes list.


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Energy Gels, How Many Should You Take During a Race?

Kathryn Adel April 26, 2018 , ,

It is well established that carbohydrate consumption during a marathon is associated with improved performance. This is why many runners take gels during their race, but how many should they take and when?

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6 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Your Sleep

Kathryn Adel April 23, 2018 ,

Sleep is vital for health, both physical and mental. It is recommended to sleep between seven and nine hours per night. Yet about a third of Canadian adults sleep less than seven hours a night. Here are six reasons why you should prioritize your sleep starting now!

Maintaining Your Weight Loss Long-Term, Is it Possible?

Jef L'Ecuyer April 23, 2018 ,

Until now, the majority of studies have told us that after a restrictive diet, people tend to return to their usual weight, even when weight loss has been significant. This slightly fatalistic statement could be put in question following a recent study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology. This study concludes that, if weight loss is maintained for more than a year, the body could get used to this new lower weight and be able to maintain it long term. After a year of maintenance, the body may no longer have the tendency to  go back to the higher weight and could consider the new weight as the person’s “normal” weight.