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Switch to bamboo tableware

28 December, 2012 No Comments

Traditionally used in Southeast Asia, bamboo tableware is light and strong like plastic, but much more elegant and environment friendly. In fact, bamboo grows very fast with very little water and no fertilizers or pesticides. Once cut, it regenerates easily from its rhizomes. Moreover, bamboo is 100% recyclable, so no pollution.

Turn off your lights to save the planet

31 March, 2012 No Comments

On the last Saturday of March, citizens all around the world are invited to make a collective gesture to tackle climate change by turning off their lights for one hour.

Wasting food by the tons

According to a recent study commissioned by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), more than one million tons of food, or a third of the world production are lost or thrown away each year… FAO experts say that industrialized countries and developing countries waste more or less the same amounts of food, but for different […]