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How to have Mother’s Day fall into your lap

Short of ideas for the right gift to your Mom? Dont’know what to make for a special supper? Here’s two great suggestions: GIFT: Give her a SOS Cuisine gift card! No need to go to the shopping center. It takes 2 minutes to buy and is yours right away Your mom will choose the menu […]

Irish blood runs in Quebec veins

17 March, 2011 No Comments

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day, and this year many of us will be only too happy to dress up in green, sport an Irish clover and get together with friends and enjoy a couple of beers.


The warmth of cheese fondue

31 December, 2010 No Comments

Fondue, a classic of traditional Swiss cuisine is the ideal dish for a friendly get-together around the table, thanks in particular to the light-hearted rituals observed during the meal: If a cube of bread is lost in the fondue pot by a man, he has to buy a bottle of wine or a round of […]

Quail for Thanksgiving

7 October, 2010 No Comments

This year, I propose that you replace the traditional turkey with another bird that is very small in size and has tasty and delicate brown flesh: quail. This is a small migratory bird (about 15 cm long) that lives in the wild in Europe, Africa and Asia. It looks a lot like the partridge but […]