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Nugtella, aka Weed Nutella, now available in California

23 August, 2013 No Comments

Nutella goes well with almost everything, just ask any Nutella-lover. It’s not surprising then that Organicares, who specialises in “medical edibles” and is based in San Jose, CA, has come out with a Nutella-like product, called Nugtella, that combines hash oil with hazelnut chocolate spread.

Open pistachio!

12 January, 2013 No Comments

Originally from Central Asia, where it was apparently grown 4000 years ago, the pistachio tree requires typically desert conditions such as a period of cold weather to begin flowering, followed by a long hot summer for its fruit to ripen. Nowadays, this tree is cultivated in nearly 20 countries, the main ones being Iran, Turkey, […]

Go moderately nuts for nuts

13 December, 2011 1 Comment

Several studies demonstrate that frequent eating of nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts) appears to dramatically improve health: people who eat nuts regularly have lower risks of cardiovascular desease, of developing type 2 diabetes and some cancer types. Nuts are a good source of fiber and help controlling appetite.

Peanut-sniffing dog goes to school

I am very fond of dogs and love to hear and/or watch dog stories. I’d like to share with you this one about a peanut-sniffing service dog and his peanut-allergic master. By the way, are you aware that we offer a Nut-& Peanut-free Meal Plan?

Nutty benefits

28 October, 2010 No Comments

“Nuts” such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, walnuts and pistachios, should actually be termed “dried fruits” as they are seeds removed from the fruit. They should be consumed as often as possible, because they contain essential fats that are so beneficial to our health.

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