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Price of olive oil on the rise

13 January, 2015 No Comments

There’s bad news in store for all you olive oil fans out there: brace yourself to pay more for this basic commodity of the Mediterranean diet, whose merits are praised by gourmets and dietitians alike. The disastrous olive harvest in southern Europe in 2014 is sure to cause an upward surge in oil prices (the […]

christmas noel

Festive menu on a budget 2014

20 December, 2014 No Comments

Even in financially hard times, it is always possible to prepare a great holiday meal. One needs to select some not too expensive ingredients and find some special recipes, as those proposed in this menu. For less than $5 per serving, all of your guests will be delighted. And the price can be even lower […]

Gifts We’d REALLY Like to Receive!

28 November, 2014 No Comments

Every year, we wish our loved ones good health. This Christmas, why not simply offer it with a SOSCuisine PREMIUM subscription adapted to the nutritional needs of the people you love? With our specialized meal plans, approved by Danielle Lamontagne, our Chief Nutritionist, you can provide the benefits of nutrition to the persons you want […]

Reducing your meat consumption: new arguments

Are you interested in saving money and reducing your ecological footprint? Why not try to reducing meat consumption every day. You’d certainly be doing a favour to your wallet and to the planet. Here are some tips to help you!

Don’t chuck the pumpkin seeds

1 November, 2014 No Comments

After this Halloween week-end, zillions of pumpkins will end up in the trash. If you do not wish to use the pulp, which is delicious, save at least the pumpkin seeds, which are rich in nutrients, such as phytosterols, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids.

healthy at restaurants, santé aux restos

The joys of eating out…without spending a fortune

21 October, 2014 No Comments

Do you enjoy the pleasures of good food and eating out? Such happy occasions do however have a not-so-happy drawback: the bill.

Boeuf beef

The soaring prices of meat and fish

15 October, 2014 No Comments

The price of red meat continues to rise after the summer of barbecues. And this is also the case with fish. I make these statements not because I’ve read scholarly articles on oil prices, the value of the Canadian dollar or the state of agricultural production, but rather because I see it week after week […]

l'éiquetage alimentaire, food labels

8 proposed food labelling changes

12 September, 2014 No Comments

Health Canada proposes to change food labelling. I’m sure you can imagine how huge this news must be for a dietitian! Given below is a summary of what I think are the most important changes, and my take on each of them.

Chefs (and pharmacists) buy private brands

7 August, 2014 No Comments

Private or house brand products are visible everywhere, both in supermarkets and in pharmacies and they are better priced than major brands. But does this mean that they are of poorer quality? There’s no reason to believe so, since pharmacists and chefs prefer them for their personal use.

10 Foods Not to Be Refrigerated

The next time you get home from shopping, think twice before putting all your groceries in the refrigerator, because some foods don’t like the cold at all.

The poverty challenge: “Live below the line” next week

23 April, 2014 No Comments

Since 2010, the fund-raising campaign “Live below the line” invites everybody to eat and drink for 5 days in the same conditions as 1.2 billion people do every day throughout the world. Think about that figure – 1.2 BILLION – living every day below the extreme poverty line. That is currently estimated by the World […]

Cooking with your family, for health and pleasure

Do you know that families who cook and dine together have better eating habits? Unfortunately, throughout the Western world, people are cooking less than in the past and the act of eating together has also reduced. According to a survey that Dietitians of Canada conducted among 4,000 respondents, the reasons for this include a lack […]

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