TOP 10 : Recipes for Thanksgiving

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On the day reserved for giving thanks, the family gathers around the table to be together. The traditional dish that is served is turkey with all of the fixings. Thanksgiving is great for creating leftovers that can be eaten in the following weeks.

#10 – Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup is homey, classic, and obviously delicious. For most it’s practically a meal in itself, but it’s the perfect starter to whet your family’s appetite.

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#9 – Oysters


The best way to savour an oyster is to eat it raw, with an optional pinch of freshly ground pepper and few drops of lemon juice.

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#8 – Beef tartare

Beef tartare

According to the legend, the name “Steak or Beef Tartare” refers to the Tartars, the nomads who roamed Eastern Europe, for a time under the leadership of Attila the Hun. Fierce and bloodthirsty, the Tartars purportedly ate raw meat for strength.

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#7 – Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey

maple-glazed turkey breast

When cooking the whole bird can be too overwhelming, cooking a simple breast will help you follow the tradition with no stress.

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