Vegetarian festive menu 2014

13 December, 2014 ,

Whether by their love of animals, to improve their health, because of allergy or intolerance, or simply by taste, more and more people are turning to a vegetarian diet.

So, if you have vegetarian friends, you will need to take into account theirs needs too, when composing a party menu.

In most cases, hosts prepare just one vegetarian dish that will be shared by the whole crowd. But it would be some much simpler, and nicer, to prepare a full vegetarian feast that everybody will enjoy.

That’s why we are proposing a mouth-watering menu, that includes a vegan main course, our “Meatless Meatpie”. And you will have the additional benefit to spend only $7/person, and even less if you take advantage of the flyer specials.

Vegetarian Vegan Meatless Meat Pie


Go to our Christmas page to find the menu, recipes and grocery list, as well as the other festive menus.

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