World’s largest Easter Egg

28 March, 2013 ,

World’s largest Easter egg is presently being built in Miramar, a familiar beach resort on the Atlantic Coast, 450 km from Buenos Aires.

A 30-people strong team, commanded by pastry chef Walter Aragones, is building a gigantic structure, completely made out of chocolate, of about 4,5 tons and with an estimated final height of 6 meters.

On Sunday the egg will be broken in front of visitors, who will be invited with a serving of the egg. This event will be overseen by a notary public to certify the record to Guinness World Records in the category World’s Biggest Artisanal Chocolate Easter Egg.

And what about you? Have you figured out yet which chocolate dessert you are going to serve on Easter Sunday? If not, here are a few suggestions.

English-Style Chocolate Pudding

English-Style Chocolate Pudding


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